• q What do I need to have with me when I come to rent a vehicle?
    A A current full drivers licence including paper part held for a minimum of 12 months.

    Credit card deposit of £300.00.

    Two forms of identification showing your local address.
  • q Can I drive a truck with a car licence?
    A The DVLA rules vary, depending upon when you passed your driving test.

    Drivers who passed their test before the 1st January 1997 normally have entitlement to drive vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes GVW.

    Drivers who passed their test after the 1st January 1997 will only have entitlement to drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes GVW, which typically will be a standard Mercedes Sprinter.

    If you have questions relating to your personal entitlement you can contact the DVLA by email to drivers.dvla@gtnet.gov.uk or look at their web site, www.dvla.gov.uk.
  • q How old do I have to be?
    A Between the ages of 25 and 69 years old, for any type or size of vehicle
  • q How much is the deposit?
    A If you provide a credit card we will take a pre-authorisation for £300. If you provide a debit card we require a deposit of £300.00 for any type of vehicle.
  • q What is the deposit for?
    A The deposit covers part of the cost of insurance excess in the event that the vehicle sustains damage whilst in your care, and any other costs arising from the rental, such as fuel replenishment. The insurance excess will increase to a maximum of £750.00 depending on the amount of damage to the vehicle.
  • q What about the fuel and supply costs?
    A You have to pay for the fuel that you use. We supply the vehicle with a quarter tank of fuel, and you should return it with the same amount in the tank. If you do not, then we shall put fuel into the vehicle upon return to the quarter tank level, and subtract the cost from your deposit.
  • q How do I get my deposit back?
    A The deposit will be refunded to the same account debited from, less any costs incurred for fuel, excess time, or accident damage.
  • q What about insurance?
    A You can insure the vehicle yourself on your own policy, but we shall require proof that you have done so, normally by speaking to your broker or insurance company. You must have a Commercial Policy in place. If you are self-insured you will be responsible to your insurer for any excess applicable if the vehicle is damaged. If the cost of damage repair is less than your excess, we shall deduct the cost of repair from your deposit. Otherwise, we shall keep your deposit pending settlement of the claim by your insurer, and deduct your insurance excess from your deposit. If you wish us to arrange comprehensive insurance for you we can do so with our insurance partner, Options Services.
  • q What if I want to take the vehicle out of Northern Ireland?
    A If you take the vehicle to the rest of the United Kingdom [England, Scotland or Wales] this is OK, but you must have a minimum of three days hire. We treat the Republic of Ireland as we do Northern Ireland. Our own insurance, if you elect to take it, is valid in the UK and throughout Ireland.
  • q What if I am late returning the vehicle, or wish to extend the period of hire?
    A Please contact us to let us know what is happening. We can extend the period of hire and charge to you at the agreed daily rate. The extension of your insurance is your own responsibility. If you have the vehicle outside RentaMerc office hours i.e 8.30 to 17.30 and return the vehicle the next day you will be charged one days hire but two days insurance costs.
  • q What happens if I break down?
    A We maintain our vehicles to a high standard, but we have to accept that problems do very occasionally occur.

    If you do break down, no matter where you are, please call us and we shall arrange for repairs to be carried out either by our own 24 hour Breakdown Recovery Service on 07850 318143 or by using our network of authorized and qualified repair centres.

    During normal business hours call our office number, and out of hours our Emergency Service number details in cab of the truck or van.

    Office Hours – 028 9083 1900
    Vans – 24 hour breakdown number – 00800 3777 7777
    Trucks – 24 hour breakdown number – 00800 5777 7777

    If you run out of fuel we do reserve the right to charge you a standard price for the fuel and a call out charge, if applicable. However, under any circumstances we do not accept any contingent liability for breakdown or any consequential losses that might arise.
  • q Do you have special weekend rates?
    A Yes we do. We recognize that some people wish to do a house move, relocate offices or move equipment and machinery, over the weekend. Our weekend rates are attractive and cost-effective. Call us for details or fill in an enquiry form and we will call you.
  • q Can I get a van with a tail-lift?
    A Yes you can; many of our vehicles have tail-lifts fitted, to make your life easier!